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Our Story

In 1986, a new and innovative faucet manufacturer burst onto the scene and took the market by storm. Known for creative designs and superlative quality and workmanship, that brand was known as CONCINNITY. Over the course of its 20 years on the market, CONCINNITY became the benchmark for innovation in decorative faucets and synonymous with luxury.

When CONCINNITY ceased doing business in 2004, sadly, the brand name disappeared along with the great legacy it had created.

This absence has continued for too long! It is therefore our great pleasure and honor to announce the re-introduction of “THE NEW CONCINNITY FAUCET COMPANY”.

A company is only as good as its people; and we’ve got the people! The “New” CONCINNITY is a wholly-owned, privately-held entity of Kissler & Company Inc., founded in 1923.

Headquartered in an 80,000 square foot facility in Northern New Jersey, Kissler & Company is second to none in its knowledge and distribution of more than 30,000 plumbing products. The company has a “ground up” knowledge of the faucet industry with its nearly 100 years of experience.

Still family-owned and run by the third generation family members, Kissler & Company felt the time was right to expand into the high-end, decorative faucet market.

Consequently, some of the former management team from CONCINNITY has joined THE NEW CONCINNITY to create its range and steer its direction and growth.

THE NEW CONCINNITY is not just a manufacturer. Rather, we are a decorative plumbing marketing team which will scour the world in search of the finest and most innovative plumbing products which we will produce, stock and distribute to you, all under a single banner – THE NEW CONCINNITY!

We re-introduce THE NEW CONCINNITY to you with a beautiful range of Contemporary, Transitional and Traditional Kitchen and Bar Faucets. We hope you like our product range; remember, this is only the beginning!

THE NEW CONCINNITY –Fine products for a new generation from a name you can trust –Again!

All Concinnity Faucet products comply with federal and state statute as lead-free.
For more information: Legal Notices

Concinnity Faucets

Designer Styles

25 Kitchen and Bar Faucet Designs offered in a variety of styles: Contemporary, Transitional and Traditional.

Modern Technology

Modern, State of the Art Manufacturing, made to the Highest Standards in the Industry.

Radiant Finishes

Durable and Beautiful Finishes: Polished Chrome, Satin Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, as well as Natural and Polished Stainless (Contemporary Faucets only).

More Styles Coming Soon

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